Wednesday, February 7, 2007

feeding the rss

and now my rss takes my words to a place where they are
not wanted
scorned, mocked, analyzed
shreds of my soul
shaken and stepped on by heavy feet
found wanting i am
breathing bearing bleeding

and now i write knowing all is judged and
scathed scalded i clutch keyboard
holding the words
girdled to my chest
but they pour forth wildly
what is not there

and now again come words of sharpness
slicing searing spears
i cower

in the day
i cover pain with clothes
and smiles
work nurture serve
my mouth makes sounds

in the night
my skin must match my
inner wounds i press
the blade close
breathing bleeding blessed


JohnR said...

in some places your words are
fragile shards of your soul
gathered by bleeding fingers
infused with the divine
searing hearing healing

Bored in Vernal said...

I've been grokked.

Anonymous said...

biv, please dont tell me you are cutting?