Sunday, April 22, 2007

Three Nephites Sighting

I went to Provo this weekend for a Coaches Meeting and spent some time at BYU. In the Family History section of the HBLLibrary, one of the little old workers was telling an exciting story of one of the Three Nephites who had visited him in his home to bring an important message. I must tell you, people, these stories are a serious hindrance to my faith. I won't go as far as to say that I don't believe in them. It's just that I really doubt that three pre-immortal beings are running around Provo visiting people in their homes. And yet these people are as sure of their Three Nephites sightings as I am of any of the spiritual manifestations I have experienced.

Another impediment to my faith: Daughter #3 came back from BYU-Idaho for the summer; and every third word out of her mouth is "frick."


Mark said...

Be open to the possibilites.

As far as your daughter, she is growing, stretching and finding her path. Know that her path is not your path.

Nita said...

LOl!! glad i'm not the only one with a daughter who loves the word "frick".....*sigh*...i feel sorry for the poor people who share the highways up north with mine...its always "fricken this and fricken that"....i'm trying to be a patient mother to a 25 year old.

Janell said...

I've always thought that Utah has an abnormally high 3 Nephite sitings considering there are a lot more interesting and useful places to be in the world.

When I lived in Logan, Utah, for a few years often a story would circulate how someone has picked up a hitchhiker in the canyon and that hitchhiker, a Nephite, would warn the driver to stock up on food storage. Somehow, the local grocery story always had a bulk food sale the following week.

Ah the eternal question, is Mormon swearing really swearing or is it not?

journeygal said...

Frick? ***Groan*** I feel your pain.

But don't worry, with such an intelligent and strong mother, she'll grow out of it sooner rather than later, I'm sure!