Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Number Three--False

For those of you who are wondering which of my Eight Random Facts was false--it was number 3. I did not major in math in college. Fooled you all! My actual major was P.E. and Recreation Management. I was the President of the Swim Team my Junior year. I was the President of the Rec Club my Senior Year--we enjoyed camping, rappelling, white water canoeing, and a week long backpacking trip in the Florida Keys at Spring Break that year. After graduation and a mission I went to BYU and did graduate work in Educational Psychology.

I am indeed a Born Again Christian. At age 17 I experienced the power of God for the first time and invited Christ to be my Savior. At age 19 I joined the Mormon Church. My father is a Protestant minister--a very liberal one. When I was growing up, he was the pastor of a congregation of the United Church of Christ in Massachusetts. His parishioners did not know that he practiced polyamory--that was a "family secret." Despite the fact that my dad was a preacher, we did not pray or read scriptures in our home and religion did not touch me personally until I was in college.

About the "D" grade--I am actually pretty good at keyboarding, so I figured I didn't have to go to class very often. Big mistake.


jana said...

Finally, the answer! :)

Téa said...

You're just too good at maths to think it was #3!

Tanya Sue said...

That is interesting...thanks for indulging my curiousity about the polygamy.