Thursday, November 8, 2007

DH's Missionary Meme

DH is catching on to this blogging thing quickly, and he has tagged me on this missionary meme:

1. Answer the three missionary questions
2. Do the missionary activity and return and report.
3. Tag 5 of your friends.

Here are the questions:
1. Did you serve a mission, and where?
2. What was your best missionary experience?
3. Who is the most missionary-oriented leader you have ever had?

Missionary Activity:
Ask a random stranger if they have ever heard about the Mormon Church, and if they would like to know more (Golden Question)

1. I am indeed a returned missionary, and I served in the Canada Montreal Mission. (CMM) Back then we used to call it the "Canada Marriage Mission" for the amount of Elders and Sisters who met there and married after their missions. Scandalous. I was a convert of only a year, and a mission was a real eye-opener for me. I was fresh from being a Born-Again Christian, and I'm sure my over-zealousness was a real trial for many a companion and District Leader. (I wish to apologize to them all.)

2. My favorite missionary experience was when I was in a threesome with Sisters Lavigne and Carmack. It was only for a few weeks near the end of December. We put together a singing discussion, with Christmas carols, three-part SSA harmony, and references to Christ; and went around with a guitar singing to all who would let us in their doors. The discussion brought the Spirit to virtually every home we entered.
Second runner-up is the time our district was on our way home from a Zone Conference in a severe ice storm. Cars had run off the road everywhere. Our two cars would drive up to a stalled car, the Elders would jump out, and in their suits would manhandle the car back onto the road and send it on its way. Not a proselyting word was spoken. They'd jump back in the cars and on we would go to the next stranded motorist. Good times.

3. Most missionary-oriented leader was Sloan Alma Smith, president of the Charlotte NC mission when I joined the Church. He was a Bible-bashing, pulpit thumping old-style Mormon with white hair and the most energy I've ever seen. He would stop his car at red lights and signal for the car next to him to roll down the window, then hand the unsuspecting victim a missionary tract!

Challenge: I actually asked the Golden Question recently to a Filipino woman I work with. She said that when she was a little girl her family had the discussions and they were going to join the Church, but they had to go to a cousin's wedding, and several weeks went by, the missionaries were transferred, and the baptism never happened. What do you know.

I'm going to tag David, OLL, SilverRain, M&M, and MCQ


MCQ said...

I'll answer the questions, then let you know how the activity goes later:

1. Did you serve a mission, and where?

I call it the Disneyland mission. It was technically the California, Anaheim mission.

2. What was your best missionary experience?

Baptising a whole family in Placentia, California. I confirmed the mother of the family and, as an English speaking missionary, I had a hard time with her long spanish name, but it was a wonderful day.

3. Who is the most missionary-oriented leader you have ever had?

I had two very good mission presidents, and I don't recall any other leader more missionary-oriented than they were, but I think it's expected that mission presidents will be missionary-oriented. I had a bishop who is personally responsible for challenging many older couples to go on missions, and getting them to go (including my Dad). He was then called himself to be a mission president in Brazil. He's now a Stake President. Great guy.

I think the golden question thing is harder in SLC because everyone, Mormon and Non, has heard of it before and knows what you're up to. It makes it harder to actually have a spontanneous conversation with someone about the church. I'll give it a try though.

Dr. B said...


I was really motivated by your experiences.@

Bored in Vernal said...

I think in Utah you have to ask the question a bit differently, for example, "What do you think about the Mormon Church?" or "Have you ever been to a Mormon meeting, and what did you think of it?" I think you have a better chance of starting a discussion that way. And the best member missionaries in Utah are willing to hear the person out and listen to their experiences with the Church before they ever attempt to share something. In fact, it's probably better not to even volunteer any information until they ask you a question!

MCQ said...

"In fact, it's probably better not to even volunteer any information until they ask you a question!"

Yeah, but in most cases, that means you'll be waiting a long time.