Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dear Betty Toms,

I cannot think of any way to more quickly promote the horror flick "The Book of Zombie" than to go to every blog you could think of and provide them a link to the trailer. (Of course I clicked on it! Didn't everyone?)

Well, if you insist, I will do my part to help out in discrediting this "terrible conception of our faith." The most effective thing I can think of to do is to bring all my non-member friends with me to see it, and laugh our guts out.


Doc said...

I have a sneaking suspicion that automated message that invaded the bloggernacle originated from the movie studio itself. It reeks of publicity stunt spam. But hey, I'm not criticizing, enjoy the show.

East of Eden said...

I was Betty-ed today as well...I clicked on the link, then deleted to comment.

I found your blog thru clicking on links today, it's very good. I"ll be back.