Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And You Thought Tom Cruise Was Whacked-Out

Former Mormon Instructs YouTube Listeners on LDS Doctrine

This is a must see. Just a few suggestions:

1. If you are going to film with significant other(s?) lying on a bed in the background, tell them to hold very, very still. That hand between the breasts at 1:55 was a teeny bit distracting.

2. You might want to blow your nose before filming so you don't have incidents like :54, and thereafter throughout the video.

3. If your audience consists of Latter-day Saints, you'll want to shave the moustache. I have to agree with Amri that it gives you that "pervy look," especially at 8:22.

Doctrinal Points Covered in the Video:

  • The Mormon God is one of the most strangest characters ever conjured up in theology.

  • He was baptized, went through the temple and inherited all that his Father has, including the ability to spiritually procreate "whatever that mechanism is."

  • He "cannot do anything other than what he can do." Thus he is "restricted by the laws and constraints of the theological celestial world-view parameters."

  • Although the Mormons jump on the creationist bandwagon, their doctrine is not a doctrine of creation, it is a doctrine of copying. (since he creates animals after their own kind, and they have always existed.) So God is not even an intelligent designer, he is just a copycat.

  • The D&C says his power comes from below, not from above.

  • God cannot intervene, because the person would know he had intervened, proving there was a God, thus destroying free agency.

  • He is really not that awesome.

  • He didn't form anything--he gave all that responsibility to Michael, so he is not really anything except a constrained program. He doesn't have any will to will things. So why on earth would you want to be that?

  • He only has morals because the God before him told him about the rules that are more eternal than God.

The conclusion about the Mormons and their doctrine? "Who made that up? Obviously these people, if you can call them that, are not really thinking about these things, they are just repeating."

(afterwards showing forth an increase of love...)
You do have a sexy accent.


Bored in Vernal said...

Full Disclosure:
This post may prove once and for all that I really am not a very good Christian.

Anonymous said...

Instead of shooting the messenger, why don't you try looking into what he has to say? There is credibility in spite of his odd delivery. Could you take his facts and discredit them for me one by one? I have found a lot of what he has to say in Church archives. A lot of it is Church doctrine. Joseph Smith said that there were Quakers that lived on the moon. What was he smoking? Just because a live Prophet trumps a dead one does not erase a life time weird Prophecies. How much of what Hinckley said in his tenure as Prophet will be trumped by the next Prophet? Prophets can cannot say that what comes from the mouth of a Prophet and printed in the ensign is scripture and then act like it never existed. Why don't you spell out to me what is to be ignored and what is Church official Doctrine. One of the problems is things seem to be doctrine until they are proved wrong, then it is only a mans opinion. The Church is at times like trying to climb a greased pole.



Bored in Vernal said...

David, a lot of my blog is angst over that very thing. Maybe you haven't read many of my past posts, or checked out the older version of HTK. Don't worry, I feel your pain.

But this guy??? Let's not make it any weirder than it actually is.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to use another analogy that would have been better, but would have sounded like I was being a jerk. It had to do with a greased animal.


Anonymous said...

I am starting to really like you.


Bored in Vernal said...


minnie said...

biv - I have been a member of the extended "bloggernacle" for the better part of the past year and have read your blog frequently. I have to say that you have become someone I really respect and admire. As I attempt to reconcile my TBM days with the "angst" I now feel about many issues in the church I look up to you as someone who seems to have been able to continue full activity in the church even with the angst. Sometimes I wish I could just spend an hour talking with you to get advice on how you do it. I've read a lot of your previous entries and haven't seen anything in detail about how you do it. If you have written about this, could you guide me to your post? Thanks for all you do. I love your blog.

Bored in Vernal said...

Minnie, thanks for reading my blog! There's this scripture that says: "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10, the whole chapter is amazing, it keeps me sane sometimes.)

I feel like when I was brought to the Mormon Church 29 years ago I fell into the hands of the living God. I have had some encounters with Deity that cannot be interpreted. I don't know what they mean, or whether they consist of just emotion, or what. But for some reason they bind me to this Church. Often nothing makes sense and all I can do is pick at the little strings that don't seem to be attached anywhere.

The only testimony I have is that I love this work. Joseph Smith was enigmatic, passionate, conflicted. Something in him stirs my soul. I want to know everything there is to know about God, Jesus, and spiritual things, and this is the place I've been put to do it.

I haven't written a blog post on "how I do it" yet, but let me think about that and maybe I'll come up with something. Namaste.

Minnie said...

Biv - I so appreciate your response. I love the reference to Hebrews. One of the things I admire so much about what you do is that you don't let the "issues" of the church get in your way of searching after God and spiritual things. I am a "seeker" as well and as I read your response I realize that I have let that go to some extent the last few months. You have inspired me to continue on that quest.

I hope you do write a post about how you are able to navigate your concerns and yet remain active in the church. Some of the things I would love to know is how you approach your concerns about the church with your children and husband, and especially within your ward and callings. Is it something you talk about? And if so how do you go about it? I totally understand if that's too personal and not something you want to post about. For me Mormonism is in my DNA, it's a huge part of my relationship with my husband and extended family and I really want to find a way to stay fully active without feeling like I have to close down the "thinking" part of me.

Anonymous said...

If you could tell me some wacked out things about this vlogger, i'll be amazed. You know, the title of your blog I find quite inappropriate, since the only strange things you know about this guy is that he has probably watched Bucky O'Hare at some point in his life, he sometimes has to itch his nose, and isn't shy about it, and for all you know, he has a retarded child that doesn't understand that daddy is making a video and they mustn't move... but if you ask me, and every other non-biased person, you'd see he's owning your mormon ass. He shows that you are in-fact the wacked out ones, and there is plenty more where that came from. You can do this picking on the person thing rather than picking on your doctrine as much as you like but it'll only make your cognitive dissonance last longer. Come on, just wake up and smell the coffee. You know you can't find fault with his points. Miriam.