Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Walking to Missouri

Rare view of the original 63.27 acres of the Temple site in Independence, Jackson Co, Missouri.
Photo by George Edward Anderson, 1907

Elias S. Woodruff, in an October 1938 Conference address, stated:
I sometimes wish that every member of the Church could have the privilege of going to Liberty, and Richmond, Far West, Adam-ondi-Ahman, and Haun's Mill, on their way east or west, as they come through the Central States Mission, for the impression that it gives them, for the increase in their faith and their reverence for the work that has been performed in this Church by its founders and leaders. One cannot stand upon the hill overlooking the valley of Adam-ondi-Ahman without being very deeply impressed with the sacredness of the place. (Conference Report, October 1938, p. 73.)

During the two years that my family lived in Missouri, we were able to visit many of the Church sites, and I, too, was deeply impressed. It has been interesting to hear in General Conference of the plans to build a temple in the "Greater Kansas City" area.

But will the members of the Church be asked to return to Zion in Jackson county? Is packing up your things and walking to Missouri something the future holds for you and your family? My guest post over at the Juvenile Instructor addresses these questions. Come and visit me there!


backandthen said...

"Is packing up your things and walking to Missouri something the future holds for you and your family?"

from FRANCE?

Is it ok if I take a plane?

Anonymous said...

Hey. Miss you guys. Friday drives home from the "Friday Group" just aren't the same without stuffing 12 people into the car on our way to the DQ. Just the other day, my oldest was telling me a story from seminary last year. See! You had memorable lessons.

Broke out of my normal mode the past couple of days, and hit the bloggernacle. Ended up reading your post on the release from building the Independence Temple. Since doing basic training in Missouri, I've had a nagging antipathy for the place. But though it requires some well-needed humbling on my part, I'm pretty sure the state will still have a central role as a gathering place for Zion. Interesting hypothesis though. You know where I stand on the polygamy issue. I don't think this one is all that different.

Give my best to the family.

Bored in Vernal said...

I miss that not at all. I am enjoying driving my own car whenever I want, thank you very much. But we do miss you and your family, and thanks for all the rides! I miss teaching seminary, and I'm glad my lessons are remembered, although probably your oldest was recounting the story of when one of the students almost puked during the Scripture Mastery game which involved eating mashed pea baby food.

Thanks for reading my post.

Anonymous said...

You posted a message about this at the juvenile instructor and I agree all the comments were random if not dumb. What an amazing thing it was to realize Kansas City is in Jackson County!! I had no idea! I love studying the signs of the times. I love studying politics, but the news of Obama is so distressing it is wonderful to hear good news. And this is GOOD NEWS! We'll see what happens, huh?