Wednesday, November 5, 2008

BiV's Blog of the Month

I've been feeling kind of blue and haven't been posting much lately. But when I ran across this blog, I knew I needed to feature it on my Blog of the Month. I discovered this blog while browsing DH's Mormon Blogosphere aggregator, and it's called

Soy Made Me Gay

The post that originally caught my attention is titled: When Your 15-Year-Old Son Says, "I'm Gay." It's a practical guide suggesting what to do when one of your children comes out to you. It's an amazing, loving piece which takes into account the emotions you and your child will be experiencing. I think it's the best advice I've ever read for how to deal with this important moment.

Clint, the writer of this blog, is a celibate, active, gay Mormon. He works in the film production industry. He hasn't yet discounted marrying a woman in the future. He is also quite gorgeous. I enjoy his dry humor. Read more about Clint's feelings for the Church in his post "Why I Came Out To My Entire Ward," which he did in a testimony meeting in September.

Clint's position on Prop 8 is unusual and poignant. As a member of the Church, he supports the Prophet, yet the issue is painful for him as a gay man. He mostly chooses to ignore it, but he did write one post which I thought was fascinating. In "How To Support A Same-Sex Marriage Ban Without Coming Across As A Tool," he gives hints on what to do on your blog and in your conversations with friends to lend support to the Church's position without alienating opponents of the measure.

This is a blog which has captured my interest and I hope to hear more from him in the future. Check it out!

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