Monday, April 20, 2009

In Honor of the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's Sonnets

On April 20, 1609, a publisher called Thomas Thorpe entered in the Stationers' Register his right to publish “a booke called Shakespeares sonnettes”. The Shakespearean sonnet is one of my favorite forms of poetry with its rhyme scheme of abab cdcd efef gg. In honor of the day I am sharing one of my original sonnets with you. It's inspired by my sojourn in Saudi Arabia and my impending 50th birthday! I invite you to write a sonnet of your own or share one of your favorites below in the comments!

Behind the Veil

Behind the cloak and veil that drapes the hair
Oft peers the gaze of vivid, volant eyes;
A glimpse of scarlet shoes, and ankles bare,
Reveals the soaring soul which in her lies.

Behind the lowly bow and humble mien,
Voluminous and billowing black robes
Conceal a figure which, though rarely seen
Embodies sensuality in repose.

Now, 'neath obdurate lines that mar my skin,
Beyond senescent change that time hath wrought,
A sharper eye perceives what lies within--
A lesson which the veil hath gladly taught:

Inside my soul, though age upon me creep,
A merry youthful imp doth dance and leap.


Kullervo said...

And as the petals fall from flowery trees
The world beyond us dims and fades away;
The twilight wind blows silent symphonies-
No words, because there are no words to say.
In shadows cast beneath the moonlit skies
Stand giants, lions, gods, and kings.
With glimpses of tomorrow in their eyes
They watch us from a yesterday that sings
Her haunting, melancholy melody,
And nothing but the warmth and tremble of
Your touch can tame the whirling revelry.
The statues melt like snowflakes while above
Us, brilliant as it passes from our sight,
A thousand dying suns light up the night.

-Conrad Deitrick (me)

Bored in Vernal said...

OH Kullervo, you still read me!! I miss you and I remember that poem, and it is one of my absolute favorites. Thank you for putting it here. My readers are honored.

Kullervo said...

Thanks for your kind words.

I'm still around. I have your blog feed on my Google Reader.

Ann said...

That was beautiful, Cheryl.

Bookslinger said...

50 is not old! 50 is not aged!

No, no, a thousands times no.

Tim said...

The poem was awesome! And 50--come on that's the new 30.