Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whale Sounds are so Sad

This isn't reflective of me, really; except I'm a little blue, I have a lot of friends who are breaking up, and I heard a whale song today. It's the most mournful sound I can imagine. It really pricked my heart, so I wrote this:

Sea-Sighed Villanelle

I heard a whale song's mournful tone
The day the stars fell from the sky.
I sat me down, the ocean moaned.

You would not stay, I could not go!
I grasped you till my tears ran dry,
I sang the whale song's mournful tone

but none sang back. And soon, alone,
I finally had to say goodbye.
I sat me down, began to moan.

The mist, the ocean, and its foam
swallowed hope when you left -- I
became a whale song's mournful tone.

I wandered high, I drifted low,
in nothingness bled painful sighs.
I sat me down, began to moan.

I went when night winds start to blow,
I waded out to shoulder-height
I heard a whale song's mournful tone,
I sat me down. The ocean moaned.


Cap said...

Beautiful!! Thank you for sharing that.

Stephen said...

That was beautiful.