Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm well enough that I can "fake" normalcy when I go out in public for short periods. So I thought I was going to get away without telling the whole ward that I was incapacitated. I did tell my Primary class, because it was very obvious the Sunday after I got Bell's Palsy. But then we had Stake Conference and I didn't go, and after that my face was beginning to look better. Friday my daughter and I went to visit a lady in our neighborhood who just had a baby and we dropped off a fruit basket. We were just about to leave, and DD made an ill-considered remark about me having Bell's Palsy. I was rather annoyed. Just after we visited, the compassionate service leader came by, to bring dinner in to the family with the new baby. That's when the Mormon grapevine went to work. So, today at Church I had to discuss my affliction with sundry people and put on a cheery attitude. GRRRRR. Also, the Bishop sent me a little message on my Facebook expressing condolences and asking if he could do anything to help. I know everyone means well. And they are very kind. There just isn't anything they can really do to "serve" me at this time. I'm probably being overly sensitive. But if they don't want anything to do with me on a regular basis, I don't really want them coming around me when I'm at my worst. Does that make any sense at all?


Cap said...

I agree. My wife and I just had a baby and while I appreciate the ward wanting to help weekly visits from the bishopric at 9PM get a little annoying. Apparently, because we haven't been to church in 1 1/2 months calls for weekly visits. I just want to shout at them sometimes "We just had a baby!!"

Sorry, not exactly the same issue, but I think you are right. I appreciate the thought, (most of the time), but don't really want to feel obligated to justify myself to a ward that we've barely been in over and over and over. Finally, I left my wife at home one Sunday and went to church just to make an appearance. I want to go, but for right now, for our situation, it isn't going to be so easy.

(Hopefully that all made some kind of sense).

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Sometimes, being in need of service offers the greatest opportunity to serve others.