Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Day of Reckoning

One long, sharp needle
Of pine, assaulted by storm
Falls, to pierce the ground.

One sad, sharp tear
Of pain, I the assaulted,
You who pierce my heart.


Stephen said...

Nicely done, very sharp.

Anonymous said...

Bored in Vernal,

Very nice stuff. I have really enjoyed your comments on T&S. Maybe I feel a little in common with you. I was born and raised in the mighty metropolis of Vernal. But twenty years ago I left and have not been back except for the yearly visit. Ten of those years I have spent completely outside the US. My view of the world is much different than it was then. But I love Vernal. A little bit of my heart is always there. I look forward to my yearly visit. Sometimes I think that I would even like to live there again. But when I visit, I am just a litte afraid that I might no longer fit in. Maybe I never did.

Keep up the good work

Someone who was once bored in Vernal

Sherpa said...

How's my home town today?

Fitting is very overstated, anonymous.