Friday, September 8, 2006

Wherein You Tell Me Who I Am

Who am I?
I do not know
My heart beats fast,
Your heart beats slow--
You tell me that it isn't so
I nod my head, away I go.

Who am I?
You tell me then.
You tell me what,
You tell me when--
Though knowing is beyond your ken
That's why I've gone away again.

It is a strange anomaly
I keep your words inside of me
Although they only cause me hurt
And keep that true self in the dirt

That must be me, all veiled in black.
I wish that I could call me back.


mullingandmusing said...

I sense that something has happened that has hurt you deeply. I'm sorry for your pain. If I knew how to contact you, I would, just to let you know that I care. I've been wishing I could the past while.

Stephen M (Ethesis) said...

Bless your heart.

Matt Thurston said...

Where did all of your other blog posts go?

Over at The Mormon Left you said, "I feel marginalized and put down both in my Ward and in the Bloggernacle." Tell me who is marginalizing you and I'll gladly track them down and kick them in the butt! :)

Bored in Vernal said...

most recently marginalized here, see comments 9-15. I was just trying to express how lonely and different I feel sometimes and I got jumped on and put down.

Blog posts were not well received on the home front.

BiV is now attempting to fly under the radar. Usually doesn't last too terribly long.

Lucy said...

For what it is worth, I have always enjoyed your comments and really loved your blog. Yesterday, I was explaining to my husband your post on the priesthood and power.

Anonymous said...

That Mark Butler is a nut job and personally his description of heaven "makes me ill".

Matt Thurston said...

Thanks for pointing that out, BiV. I hadn't seen it the first time. Your post #9 was perfect. Just perfect! You articulated my exact thoughts on Mark's post. I love Christ (or God) as much as anyone, but if "The Last Day" is anything like what Mark describes (not only at that post, but throughout the 'nacle) then I'll be joining you and Alastair Warwick out the side door. And I wouldn't be surprised to find God waiting on that side of the door...

mullingandmusing said...

I am sorry you had such an awful experience. Awful 'nacle experiences are simply awful. I've shed a few tears from such interactions myself. I hope it helps to know people have been concerned about you.