Friday, May 30, 2008

From Italy with Love

DH has been posting our daughters' emails from their missions over at his missionary blog, Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord. I just had to link to the most recent email from our daughter who is serving in Italy. Go and read her amazing letter here.

Those of you who have been reading me for a while know that I go back and forth wondering if God leaves us mostly to make our own decisions here in this world, or if he has his finger in every pie. (see this post!) My daughter's letter gives me hope that a loving Father has a lot more to do with events than we realize. I love that she is having such beautiful experiences on her mission. I had the same idealism when I was serving as a young missionary in Quebec, and I have tender memories of those days.

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M said...

Wow girl, you have been busy (with your blog). The changes look good (I missed the old header). I just wanted to say thank you for the help. I still don't seem to be feeing on your blog or blogosphere but I did add feeds to mine and my blog feeds to my blog (but that could just be redundant) so I have NO idea where it gets lost along the way from my door to yours.

Can I say, too, that I'm happy you have GIRLS (plural - super fabulous) serving missions? I used to get such grief from certain people (including an early 20's RM who taught my SS class) about always requiring that they include us girls in their "when you serve a mission...." chats. I never did but I had strong intentions! Right now I just work on brainwashing DH that when we're older, we are *so* going!