Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Vocabulary Policewoman Arrives In the Bloggernacle

I've noticed a few vocabulary mistakes around the Bloggernacle this month that I would like to call to your attention. These things tend to proliferate if not nipped in the bud. So for the edification of all Mormon bloggers and as a nod to elitism, here are some of the most egregious mistakes I've nabbed:

Sinereio--a situation where someone has transgressed the law. I think you meant to say:
Scenario--an imagined or projected possibility.

Summit--you have reached the height of debasement. Since the context called for:
Submit--to yield to the power and authority of another.

Past on--perhaps you were trying to emphasize that the death happened a long time ago? Because most people would use the phrase
Passed on.

Poo-Poo-You wrongly gave the impression you were adding to the poop chronicles. Try:
Pooh-pooh (a slang term for dismissing something unimportant)

Serpent on a poll--By using this term you are allowing the children of Israel considerably more free agency than Moses was when he lifted up the
Serpent on a pole.

Tenants of your faith--have taken up residence in your thought processes.
Tenets of your faith--the more correct expression for a principles held as being true.

Cannon--I hate this mistake the most, and I really will line you up in front of a firing squad if you don't learn that that the officially recognized set of books included as scripture is a

Oh, and btw, if you are going to read the Bible out loud, learn how to pronounce the following:

Thank you.


angryyoungwoman said...

I can just hear your evil laughter.

jeans said...

Now, if everyone could just read this post that would help immensely. Go BiV.

Jacob J said...

Also, if you are going to read the King James Bible aloud, please learn to pronounce "shew"

Bored in Vernal said...

How is it possible to pronounce the word "shew" wrong?

Anonymous said...

Shew should rhyme with "go" or "snow" or "throw" and not "flew" or "blue" or "queue."

"Shew" is an old form of the word "show" and should be pronounced the same.

Anonymous said...

(The pronunciation of the word "shew" is rather an archaic pet peeve, but what can you say? Some of us are weird.)

M said...

I love this post! I get so annoyed by improper spelling etc. Of course as I write this, I'm going to reread everyone of my posts to make sure I'm not violating any important rules....

ixoj said...

Might I add:

You're = you are
Your = it belongs to you

RoeH said...

Bless you. I HATE words spelled wrong. I don't understand why it is so hard to spell something right. But then none of you have seen the way my former SIL spells and she got through college. Tragic!!

Kalola said...

Here's an interesting article from the Wall Street Journal about the spelling-reform movement:

So I guess spelling "receive" "recieve" is acceptable. Oy!!!

Bored in Vernal said...

The "spelling reform movement" is just dum and rong.

Allen said...

their - refers to personal possession
there - refers to a location or place

Did everyone bring their lunch? My lunch is over there.

M said...

Just found - just a sec - I have to go look up your lesson on how to leave a link - oh, here it is, okay...

Just found
this and thought you might enjoy the conversation.

jeans said...

I liked Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

Unknown said...

And don't forget its and it's. Probably the most frequently mistake on the bloggernacle.

M said...

Found this quiz - thought of you

I got 10 out of 10. Yea me!