Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hidden Up in the Mountains

from Thomas Bullock's journals, 1843-1849, vol. 4.

july Thursday 22 Many rushes by the sides of the Creeks. Elder Pratt came up to our Camp & consulted with W. Richards & G. A. Smith, when it was decided that O. Pratt, G. A. Smith with several others should go ahead & look out a place to plant; while W. Richards was to take the lead of the Pioneers in preparing the way thro' the Kanyon. Gather up & start at 9[.] soon pass the other Camping ground. went through a heavy Willow bed, overtook the last teams; graded the hill each side the Creek. when teams halted while extra hands go to repair the roads—then crossed over & entered the Kanyon; which required much hard work to make a road thro'—. succeeded in getting thro' the narrow spot of the Kanyon about 4 oclock, when we turned round the hill to the right. & came in full view of the Salt Lake in the distance, with its bold hills on its Islands towering up in bold relief behind the Silvery Lake—a very extensive valley burst upon our view, dotted in 3 or 4 places with Timber. I should expect the valley to be about 30 miles long & 20 miles wide. I could not help shouting "hurra, hurra, hurra, heres my home at last"—the Sky is very clear, the air delightful & altogether looks glorious; the only drawback appearing to be the absence of timber—but there is an Ocean of Stone in the mountains, to build Stone houses, & Walls for fencing. if we can only find a bed of Coal we can do well; & be hidden up in the Mountains unto the Lord.


Lucy said...

Interesting, isn't it. I've learned more about that trek than I ever thought I knew after following them each day. I really feel sad at its ending. I've become so close to all of them doing 'their' blog. And it really was a trip united into one.

Roeann Harper

Bored in Vernal said...

I think the trek was an archetypal journey that transcends the actual trip. It has reached forward for generations and has almost the same impact on our people that the Exodus had for the Jews. I can't learn enough. I'm so glad you did your blog, Roeann, and I hope it inspires others to make their materials available in a similar fashion.

LifeOnaPlate said...

Cool 24th post. I likes.

Bored in Vernal said...

Thanks! So glad to see you visiting here.