Friday, February 18, 2011

Solemn Vow in Jeopardy

When I finished having my 8 children, I had gained a bit of weight! One summer day I had a difficult time when getting ready to take the kiddos to the pool. I love water sports more than anything. I adore swimming, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, sailing, whitewater canoeing, anything in and around the water. But that day I didn't want to appear in public in a bathing suit. It took some courage to put it on, and I made a promise to myself at that moment. I made a solemn vow that I would never let my appearance stop me from doing something I loved.

That day was about 12 years ago. I promise you that I look 100 x worse right now than I did that day. Keeping my resolution has never seemed more impossible. I want so badly to lie down in my bed for several months and hide. I don't want to go swim, I don't want to teach the little ones, I don't want to go running in the beautiful South Carolina sunshine, there is nothing I can imagine I would enjoy doing.

Thursday was the last day of the swim session before new classes start up again next week. I have told my supervisor that I want to take at least a 2 week break to see where I am with this condition. But I had to go to the final lesson and pass out the certificates to the kids who have worked so hard. Once again, I dragged my butt over there. I did my best to help the kids have fun and end their session successfully.

Just home from the pool again, I snapped my pic. I looked at it, realizing that it was no wonder that people were asking me what was the matter. The chlorine, the crying, the palsy, are all taking their toll. And in an effort to keep both sides of my face symmetrical, I've got myself looking positively ghoulish:

But, what is better? That, or smiling maniacally on one side, while the other won't behave?


blueroserider said...

You are still the most beautiful woman in the world to me (OK, I'd better say next to my wife...) I love and adore you!!!

Bookslinger said...

Maybe get one of those phantom of the opera masks? ;-)