Monday, March 5, 2007

Prayer for Peace

Whenever something deeply affects me, it always seems to come out in poetry. I was moved by those who participated in fasting for peace on Sunday. I enjoyed the feeling of togetherness it brought. I was especially touched by John's post on the pathology of war. It responded to my concern that my small prayer was not likely to do much good.

A Prayer For Peace

Afar beyond the surging sea
In regions yet unknown to me
The jaws of war gape wild and wide;
A frightful beast.

The troubled, war-torn region lies
In shambles under sinking skies
Another wounded warrior dies
While others feast.

The heads of nations, bickering
Have set my candles flickering.
My heart cannot shut out the cries
Nor take my ease.

I fast, and put aside my meal,
A meager effort--meant to heal.
Will heaven heed my simple sighs?
Let conflict cease.

A pinprick in the conscience of
A nation so devoid of love
Is my petition, small in size:
A Prayer for Peace.

I'm glad that we were able to set aside a time to think about those personally affected by war, the hard decisions of national leaders, and peaceful endeavor. I feel ready to accept a bigger part in working for peace if it comes my way.

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