Saturday, March 24, 2007

What's on Your Nightstand?

My Nightstand:
Clock Radio
Framed Picture of myself at age 18 months
A pencil, pen, and red marking pencil
Picture of my daughter and her date at prom
Sharing time activity
Friend Magazine April 2007
Dialogue Magazine Spring 2007
Notepad with poems
Notepad with Hebrew notes
Sunday School Study Guide
2 Triple combinations
Teachings of Presidents of the Church--Wilford Woodruff
Books: Hannibal, Hannibal Rising, A Deadly Hand, The Plot Against America, Rough Stone Rolling, Harmonizing Isaiah, Patterns of Poetry, A Student's Vocabulary of Biblical Hebrew, Liber Jesaiae (Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia), Gileadi's The Apocalyptic Book of Isaiah, Biblical Hebrew Workbook.
A friend's completed manuscript I am editing
List of emails of aerobics ladies
Cinderella playing cards

DH's Nightstand:
Three pens, four pencils
Three popsicle sticks & a popsicle wrapper
Tube of Ben-Gay
Foot massager
Individual flossers
Vernal Temple Schedule
Duracell watch battery
Kool-Aid Chapstick
Teachings of Presidents of the Church--Spencer W. Kimball
Replacement Lightbulb
Newspaper clipping of his most recent article
6 Coupons
Lifeguard whistle (that's mine!)
(in the magazine rack): Ensign magazine for the past 6 months, several recent issues of Time, Newsweek, US News & World Report, Sunstone (that's mine!) Better Homes & Gardens garden book, Beautiful Gardens, A Father's Legacy, Preparing to Enter the Holy Temple pamphlet (25 copies), audiovisual cable.


Téa said...

It's interesting to me to catch glimpses of someone's life at home like this post. In particular, I'd like to know more about the picture of yourself as a young child, if you don't mind sharing. Is it something that you've had there for a while? What significance does it hold for you?

Bored in Vernal said...

My grandmother was a SHM who became a professional photographer after her children left home. She made a satisfying and fulfilling career for herself in her older years. This picture of me was one of the first portraits she did, taken in her basement. She later won many awards for her photography. When she died a few years ago I set out several of the pictures she had done, to remind me of her.

jana said...

For my nightstand photo (on my blog) I cleared off a few things:
-really ugly alarm clock that I hope will break soon so I can justify buying a new one
-2 bottles of lotion (incl some nummy peppermint lotion from The Body Shop)
-2 or 3 pens/pencils

A lamp usually sits there, too, but I've had it on the LR table for the last 2 weeks because I've been studying in the LR so much lately.

matt Thurston said...

Cool. The Plot Against America is great.

My nightstand:

Most recent Sunstone
Most recent two issues of Dialogue
No Man Knows My History by Brodie
Reconsidering No Man Knows My History by Bringhurst
The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
Dialogues with Myself by Gene England
Misquoting Jesus by Ehrman
Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy
The Mormon Tabernacle Enquirer by the Sugar Beet guys.
A clock radio.
A lamp.

Connor said...

My desk is in my bedroom, so it serves as my nightstand. It's covered with about 50 items, ranging from a stack of 15+ books, to a HAM radio, to a empty bowl that had ice cream, to a stack of cds that have been in the same spot for half a year.

...time to do some spring cleaning.

Bored in Vernal said...

The Power of Myth and Misquoting Jesus were on my nightstand not too long ago. I love seeing what other people are reading!

Mags said...

My nightstand is a 4' high bookshelf..fully loaded. I have an antique brass lamp to read by, my alarm clock with a dry washrag over the face of it because I love the clock features but not the green light. The rest: A tub of Vick's Veporub(purely for comfort as a reminder of my mom), two bottles of hand cream, love letters from DH from his deployments, a constant glass of water, a lemon grass candle, tons of scrunches, a cylinder that I made in my first pottery class to hold pens and pencils, a marbled composition book and tissues.

Nita said...

let's see...i have two,one on each side that only I get to use since i'm single(sigh)...the one on my right-my antique blue lamp on a white doily, ugly alarm clock, ball canning jar i use for a glass, always full of water in case of night-time thirst attacks, 4 quarters. these items are on the top...on the bottom shelf- BoM on tape case, Church History in the Fullness of Times, and the past 4 issues of the Ensign.
Table on the left, top- my new journal, which i vowed i'd write in every night,following Wilford Woodruff's example which i haven't done b/c i'm too lazy, two "Teachings of the Pres" books-Wilford Woodruff and Spencer W. Kimball, "The Journey Beyond Life" by Dr. David Willmore, "The Lost language of symbolism", Scriptures, pens, my baptism program(someday i'll put it in a scrapbook...maybe!), a small CD player, Medicine Woman-a 3 CD collection by Medwyn Goodall(appeals to the Goddess in me!),and my splints i wear at night for carpal tunnel. hmmm-i've never examined this before-its interesting reading what we all keep on our nightstands!!
oh, and i forgot- DUST!!! on both sides of course.