Friday, May 23, 2008

This Is Just To Say Meme

The "This is Just to Say" Meme takes its inspiration from Kacy's post at Light Refreshments Served blog. Read it! She has written some hysterical spoofs of the William Carlos Williams poem, This is Just to Say. Do you remember it from high school?

This is Just to Say
I have eaten the plums
that were in the icebox
and which
you were probably saving
for breakfast
Forgive me
They were delicious
so sweet
and so cold

Instructions: copy this post and replace my spoof with your own. Then tag five people. Here's mine:

This is Just to Say
I already left for Church
without you
leaving you to
press your shirt
change the baby's diaper
And braid five heads of hair
Forgive me
while I sit in the driveway
and gleefully honk
the horn

I tag DH, Faux, Chanson, Kalola, and Maraiya.


C. L. Hanson said...

Wow, that's a tricky one!!! But it looks like fun. I'll see what I can do. :D

S.Faux said...

This is Just to Say
I cannot write poems
especially for the I-net
and which
will probably be saved
for eternity
Forgive me
If I refuse
in defeat
to be so bold.

M said...

Here's my favorite *BTW the book tag was much, MUCH easier.

This is Just to Say
That I can't get you breakfast
or help you with your homework
and that I'm sorry
for duct taping you to your bed
because I stayed up too late
playing games
and I really just want to sleep.
Forgive me.
But my bed's so soft
and your voice so piercing.

Kalola said...

This is Just to Say
I haven't a clue
of what words to use
that will prove to you
the wisdom I hold
within my brain
and the glorious truths
yet to come forth
As I open the door
to a faraway land.

Now what did I just say? I'm even too deep for myself to understand.

I choose to tag five brave souls. Who they are remains a mystery to me.

Dr. B said...
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Dr. B said...

This is just to say
That a bunch of women
Think about nothing but food
When there's more important things in life
Like Missionary Work
Sharing the Gospel
Forgive me
But if you just asked a Golden Question
Or gave a missionary a referral
You might change a life.

Anonymous said...

BiV, Kevin Barney here; can you pass this on to your husband? I wasn't able to post it on his blog directly.

Thank you so much for posting this notice; I was not aware until just reading it that Keith had passed away.

As you note, I took Keith's Biblical Hebrew course in the Fall of 1980. I had a conflict for the next semester, but I had a friend in the class, so every Saturday I would meet with my friend and keep up that way. Keith's class was my only formal training in Hebrew, but his teaching was so good that with only that formal training I was still able to teach a Biblical Hebrew class for my local institute twice.

The large gray text book you mention would have been Thomas Lambdin's Introduction to Biblical Hebrew, which was also the text used in my class. When I later taught my own class, I wanted to use that same book but by then it was extremely expensive, so I used Page Kelly instead.

It was fun for me to read about your Hebrew class; I would later be good friends with Dave Seely (we were both in classics) and some of the other names you mention I knew at the time even though they were a little ahead of my time.

Unknown said...

love this one....I could use one od my own

This is just to say
that today
I think I will
go to Bishorpic Meeting
and be busy at church
all day
so that you can
rear our children
when I come home and
take a nap!