Saturday, March 20, 2010

Brothers: Tarot Randomizer #4

It was rather a synchronicity that the Tarot card picked for today's group creativity experiment was "The Devil." Last night my daughters and I attended a play at the Covey Center for the Arts, "Brothers," about the human side of two famous siblings, Lucifer and Jesus.  I'm planning on reviewing the play for the Mormon Matters readers, but for now I did a quick sketch to put up for our group.  I'm always lamenting my lack of artistic ability, but in this one I was trying to capture the moment in LDS doctrinal tradition where God the Father presents the plan of salvation to his children in the premortal existence.  Satan's face is supposed to represent his disdain for the plan, his inner thoughts that he can come up with a better one, and a bit of sadness foreshadowing his eventual downfall.  Jesus' face came out more beatific than I really intended, but I had difficulty capturing the feeling I wanted to express, of complete acceptance and excitement to put the plan in action.


Anonymous said...

Wishing you peace in the coming weeks because I know Easter is always hard for you.

Why not get a nice new dress and make yourself an Easter basket? ;>

SUNNofaB.C.Rich said...

nice picture, I like it.

Kullervo said...

I think there are some really interesting correlations between what the Devil card in Tarot represents and the character of Lucifer/Satan in Mormonism.

The card certainly doesn't just represent the theological person of Satan, but represents certain kinds of patterns and energy. Nevertheless, the connections between some of the card's meanings (bondage, slavery, addiction, despair, ignorance, the natural man) and Satan's role in the Mormon plan of salvation are clear.