Thursday, March 18, 2010

L'Ermita Aki: Tarot Randomizer #2

Today's Tarot creativity project  -- The Hermit: which has the key words of introspection, searching, guidance, and solitude.  The card that was drawn for today also had the Kanji character "aki" meaning "autumn."  I used a picture from a photo shoot my daughters and I did yesterday, and we had some fun with photoshop.  Even though this was a spring St. Patrick's Day shoot of my daughter, I like how we came up with an autumn-like feel here.

PS Gigi: the name of the card is no reflection on your social standing!


inspired by the Hermit card from the Manga Tarot deck: 

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JohnR said...

Holy Awesome! "Jaw-dropping" and "breath-taking" are usually exaggerated expressions, but I gaped and caught my breath when the browser opened. Wow!