Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Knight of Swords Tarot Randomizer #1

There's something about a Utah sky--
Overarching canyons and clouds,
Framing mountains and mornings--
That clears the confusion in sinus-blocked nostrils
A breath of freshness
To the unbalanced wanderer.

There's something about a Utah day--
Manifesting seedlings and springtime,
Teasing flowers with flurries--
That promises newness, fresh starts, and cleansing
Purging the old and ungainly
In the jaded heart.

There's something about a Utah ward--
Bustling with baby blessings and boundaries,
Tangling holiness and hypocrisy--
That slices the errant knight to the heart
Focusing sword-bright censure
Upon the unanchored soul.

This post a response to John R's Tarot Randomizer group creativity experiment, and a reaction to my visit to the Salt Lake/Provo area, where I am visiting for a couple of weeks.


reed russell said...

A few years ago, a group of us developed a Mormon Tarot. John C. Bennett was elected Knight of Swords.

"There is a young man (or woman) who comes into one's life, filled with untempered strength and will power. He or she may also possess considerable sex appeal. This is a person who has to prove his or her self-worth, and the querent should take care that this need for achievement is not at his or her
expense! The Knight can easily bring struggles and opposition into one's life. Perhaps this is needed so that the querent can be more sure of his or her own right use of will and power. Sometimes the Knight appears when we do not have the strength to fight our own battles. In this case, THE KNIGHT BRINGS US THE WARNING THAT OUR OWN WEAKNESSES CAN LEAD US INTO EVEN MORE DIFFICULT CIRCUMSTANCES. In any case, his or her service to us should be BRIEF, as the Knight is on a MISSION OF SELF-SERVICE and the querent is ONLY A STOP ALONG THE WAY. The Knight of Swords comes to us with POWER, but it is the POWER OF A STORM.”

That is John C. Bennett

littlemissattitude said...

I love your poem.

And, I'm so glad you're participating in John's experiment.