Monday, May 12, 2014

Third World Eating: Day 1

This morning I started with some leftover cheesy omelet from yesterday's breakfast. It certainly isn't anything someone from the Third World would have available to eat. But I've got to finish my leftovers or let them go to waste. This was just a small corner of an omelet, and probably used about one egg (17c) and 2 oz of cheese (38c). I was lazy and didn't count the onions, peppers and mushrooms that were in the omelet either, since there was such a small quantity. Then I only ate half of it, and saved the rest for lunch.

Here's what I had for lunch. On the top part of the bowl is the rest of the leftover omelet. It gave me a lot of my protein for the day. Then I added a scoop of rice. A whole cup of rice costs about 2c ! Now you know why people who don't have extra money for food eat a lot of rice. It fills you up and doesn't break the bank. On the right hand side of the plate is hummus. Not the kind you get from the store in a little plastic container. This was made this morning from dried chickpeas. When you make it this way, it costs 45c per cup. I think that serving was a lot smaller than a cup, but I just counted the 45c. I'll get better at measuring later!

After lunch, I had almost spent my limit, and I was really hungry. I drank a lot of water during the afternoon, trying to fill myself up. As I was drinking my nice glass of ice water, I realized that in the third world it probably wouldn't be so easy to get ice for drinks, so I decided to go with cool tap water for the rest of the week. For dinner, I had more rice, and a curried cauliflower dish, using some cauliflower that was in the fridge and needed to be used. I figured out that a cup of that cauliflower dish was 44c. I ate dinner about 4:30, because I was pretty hungry.

Total cost for today's meals was $1.48. The key to keeping it so low is definitely making the meals from scratch. Dried beans and grains are going to form most of my diet for the next week.

So far, so good!

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