Saturday, May 17, 2014

Third World Eating: Day 5

I was in a bit of a rush this morning, so I grabbed a hard-boiled egg. I've discovered that eating this way is not convenient. Especially when it comes to breakfast. There are so many convenience foods that make breakfast quick and easy here in the States, but they are not easily available in third world countries, or else they are empty calories, or too expensive. The protein in this 17-cent egg kept me going on a nearly 5-mile hike this morning!

When I got home at noon, I had to rush off to work, so I was looking for something quick and easy to pack for my lunch and dinner as well. I settled for more upma for lunch. I just smashed 2 cups of it into a container, noticing that it was nice and fresh from being refrigerated. Maybe that was cheating, too? Again, I realized how lucky I was to have a way to keep food fresh.

Dinner was chana masala, made from curried chickpeas. I estimate that this was about 50c a serving, and it was soooooo spicy! I didn't need much of it to fill me up, because of the spiciness. But I ate around 5 pm, and after 6 I've been really hungry.

Total cost for today, about $1.55.

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