Friday, May 16, 2014

Third World Eating: Day 4

Is it really only Day 4? Seems like I have been doing this for a long time now! Do you know that upma is the perfect breakfast food? I'd much rather have my semolina like this than like cream of wheat, with butter and sugar. It's tasty and spicy, and starts the day off just right. 37c a serving, and I kept to just one--but I really wanted more! Afterward, I went for a 2 mile walk, and I felt energetic.

Off to work, and I brought my lunch and dinner with me. I was craving some sort of fruit, so for lunch I splurged on an apple. I really don't know how plentiful fruit is in poverty-stricken countries. It was maybe cheating to have an apple, so I took a very small one. I accompanied it with about a quarter cup of hummus. My estimation for the total cost of lunch is around 50c. I was still hungry after I ate that, so I had a little bit of my dinner, too.

Here is my dinner. It was so cheap! A cup of rice and a cup of dal--22c. I didn't even heat it up. Brown rice has really been a staple of this diet. It fills me up and only costs about 2c a cup, since I buy my rice in bulk (50 pound bags!) This is the only way to buy rice, by the way.

Total cost for the day was $1.09. I could have had another apple!

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