Thursday, April 3, 2008

BiV's Blog of the Month

My pick for Blog of the Month for the month of March is one that has only been around for three months:

Temple Study.

I'm really happy when I can highlight a newer blog or a solo blog, and this fits the bill for both. But Bryce Haymond is an exceptional example of a solo blogger. In the month of March, he posted every day, and his posts were meaty and interesting. On his about page we read that he is a conservative TBM and an admirer of Hugh Nibley. In fact, the theme of Temple Study fits the following quote by Nibley, "Latter-day Saints believe that their temple ordinances are as old as the human race and represent a primordial revealed religion that has passed through alternate phases of apostasy and restoration which have left the world littered with the scattered fragments of the original structure, some more and some less recognizable, but all badly damaged and out of proper context..."

I have been fascinated to read Bryce's posts as he presents some of these "scattered fragments." In Early Christian Textile Markings from Fayum Egypt, he blogs about some plain linen burial clothes found in Egyptian tombs which have some interesting markings. In another post he discusses the Tallit Katan - The Sacred Undergarment of Judaism. Don't miss the 6-part series The Genesis of the Round Dance. The visuals on this blog are absolutely breathtaking. They add to the historicity of each post, give just the right touch to the posts and are beautiful aesthetically.

Bryce shows on his blog that he has an artist's soul. Just read this sonnet he wrote in response to Shakespeare's Sonnet 18; and notice how well it fits the theme of his blog.

Look for Bryce as he begins his new post permablogging with Millennial Star. He promises that most of his blogging will still be at Temple Study, and to me that is great news.

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