Thursday, April 10, 2008

GoodReads and Me

I must admit, when I got my first invitation to join GoodReads, I was hesitant. Since I've been in Saudi, my reading has been...eclectic. I blame it on not having the access to books to which I am accustomed. I know there is a public library here in Riyadh, but I'm not sure if expats are allowed to check out books. And since I don't have a car or driving privileges, logistics of how to get there are complicated. I don't have a reliable post office address, so I haven't ordered any books on line for the entire 8 months we have been here! Books in most stores are written in Arabic, and at the bookstore the books in English are quite expensive. I have, however, tapped in to the active book exchanging that happens among the faculty at our university. But it means that I am at the mercy of reading whatever passes into my hands, from classics to pulp fiction.

It's OK for me--I truly can read anything that comes my way. But I didn't know if I wanted all my highbrow friends to see what I was reading. The first friend I added had written this about The Time-Traveler's Wife:

Getting through the foul language and the sexual references in this book was not enjoyable. It had been highly recommended to me but to be honest, I found very little to recommend in this book.

No way! I loved that book! I read it a few years ago, but...there was foul language in it? Oh well, guess I didn't notice that part...

Well, I've finally broken down and joined up. GoodReads is a great way to encourage reading and to discuss books. (Did I mention I love discussing books?) You just sign up, add your friends, and then put books you have read or want to read up on your account. I decided I didn't want to go back and add every single book I have ever read. (Too much work!) So I'll just review my books as I read them. And I'll stop trying to impress my friends with my choice of reading material.

If you would like to join my friends list, just send me your email here or at clbruno at hotmail.


ambrosia ananas said...

I *loved* Time-Traveler's Wife. Excellent book.

M said...

I figure I went to college to build an impressive library of books that I have read. No need to tell anyone that I will most likely never read them again. Currently, other than scriptures, I read delicious escapist literature. So much more fun than having to contemplate symbolism and meaning.

Rich said...

BiV, you can waste a lot of time here. Start with "Telzey Amberdon" by Schmitz -- I loved it; a well-crafted story with a strong, delightful female protagonist.