Thursday, April 24, 2008

For the Blog Addict

Since I discovered blogging, I've been reading any Mormon blog I can find, and have discovered a diversity that fascinates and thrills me. The Mormons in the wards I've attended have seemed so homogeneous and disapproving that I've often felt compelled to cover up my honest feelings and toe the LDS line. Here on my blog I've opened up with some of my ambivalence and inconsistency. And I can peek in on the lives of fellow Saints who have their own opinions and eccentricities.

That's why I recommend to you DH's new solo blog aggregator: Mormon Blogosphere. Here you can get a taste of some of the array of Mormon individual blogs that are out there. You'll read the name of the blog, and a snippet of their latest post, to whet your appetite. At a glance (and a couple of scroll-downs), you can see what people are writing about and there's a quick link to the blog if you want to read more.

DH has written here about his motivations for starting this project. He is willing to add your solo blog if you post about Mormon themes. Email him at mormon-blogs@hotmail . Please put one of his cute little buttons on your blog by following these directions:

Copy and paste the following code into your HTML/JavaScript widget, then take out the # signs:
<#a href=""><#img src=""/><#/a>


EmWJ said...

I really like the Blogosphere and find the organization very clever. I hope to highlight it in my techie tip next week (I almost did it this week, but I did an aggregator last week, so flipped and did ldstech). Anyway, great job Dr. B for providing feeds of the solo blogs!

Kalola said...

How creative Dr. B! I've added the cute little button to my blog.

And my blog is listed under the heading "Cosmic Airplane" ... now how cool is that?! Thank you. =)

SilverRain said...

I dunno. I'm afraid of which category I'd be under.